Tech Coalition

The Berlin-based software specialist trinckle develops cloud applications for the age of additive manufacturing. Trinckle's software platform paramate enables the automation of design processes and customer-specific customization of any product - whether it be prostheses tailored to the patient, industrial components like robotic end-of-arm grippers, low-volume jigs & fixtures or personalized lifestyle products.

The backend infrastructure that enables us to rapidly scale via decentralized digital manufacturers

Cutting edge 3D research startup in San Francisco

Printing Coalition

Personalized direct-to-consumer know-how

Medical grade 3D printing in Fremont, California supporting us with prototyping services

Orthopedic 3D printing supporting the VA and MMM with prototyping services

Supporting us with prototyping services

Additive manufacturing industry experts

University Coalition

Bringing the world’s most promising minds into our circle to investigate, inspire, and innovate a healthier world for all

Professor Oliver Cossairt’s research into photometric scanning enables us to exponentially increase the number of people we can help


John Irwin III

Mr. Irwin is the President of The Brookside Group, which he co-founded in 1977. He and his partners were innovators in the field of leveraged buyouts. He has managed portfolio companies with significant global operations and helped develop one of the leading semiconductor encapsulates businesses in the early 1980s.

Corporate Sponsors

Lee Cheng, Chief Legal Officer, helping with legal and patents

Supporting us with pro bono volunteer time from Jesse Chang, Head of Digital Manufacturing at Stanley X

Supporting us with pro bono volunteer time from Cole Hershkowitz

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