Mass Personalization at Scale.

Using 3D scanning and digital fabrication to create reusable, custom-fitted respirators for every man, woman, and child of all colors, sizes, and shapes

Addressing the fit challenge that loose-fitting protection cannot meet

and the critical shortage of face masks by creating a digital supply chain

Custom-Fit Ensures Airtight Fit.

Harnessing the light depth-sensing facial scanning technology with submillimeter precision to produce custom-fitted masks. Download the MyMask App and get your mask fit within 3 minutes. It’s as simple as taking a selfie.

Available only on iPhone X and later iPhone models.

Airtight Fit isn't a Feature; it's a Requirement.

There is a critical shortage of PPE in the healthcare industry. 40% of healthcare workers are unable to consistently find access to respirators that fit.  People of color, women, children, and the elderly are disproportionately impacted.

Mass production has led to mass inequity in PPE. We disrupt this paradigm with mass personalization at scale using 3D technologies.

Pat McBride, PhD, CCSH

Protective masks are hard to come by during the ongoing PPE shortage. The M   Model One is an ASTM Level 3 Spec Mask that is available for order now.


Cost Efficient

Instead of relying on fluctuating supply and disposable masks, we offer a reusable mask on-demand, the equivalent of 365 disposable masks at a cost of $1 a day.

We Need Better Options.

N95s are problematic for many reasons. N95s are hard to wear,

uncomfortable to wear, and not meant for re-use.

M  Model One Mask


Levels of Mask Protection 

Keep Them Fighting.

Your funds will go towards supporting the team and also making masks available for healthcare workers and other essential workers.

 Working with Underserved Communities?

 If you’re a healthcare worker that works for underserved and marginalized populations, please contact us about a custom-fit mask. We want to make sure you are covered and protected.

We're a social enterprise with a 501(c)(3) foundation that provides custom-fit masks to underserved and marginalized populations.
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