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Custom-Fit For You.

No two masks are the same. Your mask is as unique as you.


MyMask Movement

M  Model One Mask


Each mask kit comes with a custom-fitted reusable mask and one replaceable filter. We send you new filters every 30 days. The plastic parts of the mask can be disinfected using common disinfecting solutions or sterilized and reused.

$200 Mask Kit includes:
1 mask and 6 filters (lasts 6 mos.)

$360 Mask Kit includes:
1 mask and 12 filters (lasts 12 mos.)

Getting Your Custom Fit.


Scan Your Face.
Download the MyMask App
and get your custom mask fit. 


Print Your Mask.
Input your access code and
hit "print my mask".


Your Mask Delivered.
In 2-4 weeks, your mask kit will be shipped and ready to use. 

Dr. Stanley.png

Better Fit Means Better Protection and Comfort.

Feature 1: Accurate Fit
We use our 3D scanning and fitting technology to create masks morphed to fit your face. The underlying mask design is based off of the NIH Stopgap Surgical Face Mask shown on the left.

Feature 2: Filter Agnostic
The mask is precision fitted to the user's face to create an airtight seal and compatible with any 3" by 3" filter media.

Reusable and Sterilizable

Made of flexible, sterilizable, reusable, and biocompatible materials.


Swappable Filters and Straps
• Reusable for up to 30 days
• Modular 3" by 3" filters
• Large surface area creates better breathability


Behind the Technology

Our free mobile application creates a precise 3D model of your face around which we then design a custom-fit mask to create an airtight seal.

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