Get Your Mask Now.

Every individual needs to have their own custom-fit mask; MyMask Movement can be a partner in prioritizing your safety.

Available Now

West Coast Special

Affected by the wildfires and the pandemic? Pre-order custom-fit masks for your household, friends, and family. Get priority on your order if you're located on the West Coast.

Coming soon!

Kiosk Rentals

Minimum starting order: 20 masks.

Make your workplace a safety first environment by ordering a kiosk to scan employee's faces to get them custom-fit masks.

Coming soon!

Device Loan Program

Don’t have an iPhoneX or later? My Mask Movement has got you covered. Learn how the program works and join our beta.

We're a social enterprise with a 501(c)(3) foundation that provides custom-fit masks to underserved and marginalized populations.
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